HSC NZ Limited


We design plumbing systems into buildings.

All sorts of buildings! From multi-level apartments down to houses, from hospitals down to medical centres, from shopping centres down to retail tenancies. Any building that has plumbing inside!

We consistently set the national design benchmarks for water delivery, sanitary and stormwater disposal methodology. Green Plumbing? We’ve been doing it for years!!!!

For us, Plumbing Systems include:

  1. 1. Sanitary Drainage

  2. 2. Stormwater Drainage

  3. 3. Trade Waste Drainage

  4. 4. Subsoil and Agricultural Drainage

  5. 5. Sanitary Plumbing

  6. 6. Tradewaste Plumbing

  7. 7. Roofwater Downpipes

  8. 8. Rainwater Harvesting and Reuse Systems

  9. 9. Roof Gutters and Overflows

  10. 10. Gas Reticulation

  11. 11. Cold Water Reticulation

  12. 12. Hot Water Reticulation

  13. 13. Hot Water Generators

  14. 14. Domestic Fire Sprinklers

  15. 15. Backflow Prevention

  16. 16. Public Infrastructure Impact Assessment Reports

  17. 17. Fire Hydrant Mains

  18. 18. Plumbing Education Seminars

  19. 19. Green Plumbing Solutions

Can we do something for you on your next project?



We are New Zealand’s first and leading specialist plumbing design consultants.

Our business?

We design and document selected plumbing services; professionally, efficiently and on time.

We guarantee that design will be the most logical, build-able, sensible and cost efficient to install (but still be a reflection of the client’s brief).

The drawings we provide will allow you go to the market to obtain competitive plumbing bids from ALL available plumbing contractors. And that’s because they will all be quoting from the same complete and accurate set of plumbing design drawings!